Career page survey

How to set up a widget to gather feedback on your career page

The Career Page survey is meant to measure your applicants’ experience when navigating your website and applying for jobs at your company.

Please note: This touchpoint is only available for companies that measure candidate experience.

It is embedded on your page as a widget and it allows only one question, the NPS question, along with the possibility to give extra feedback with the dynamic NPS follow-up question.

Here's an example of how it could look like:


By asking for feedback, you’ll be able to measure if you’re providing relevant information on your job page, if your job descriptions are detailed enough and overall if your career page is able to provide a good experience to your applicants.

If you would like to start collecting feedback on your Career Page, contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss adding this touchpoint to your license.

Create a Career Page survey

To start off, you will need to create your survey.

  • From your navigation bar, click on 'Surveys'.
  • Click Create new survey
  • From the template gallery, choose the survey template called ’Career Page’.
  • Here you can preview the survey and then add it to your account.
  • Starred will prompt you to give the survey a name and choose the language:

Edit the Career Page survey

Since the Career Page survey is meant to be quick and easy to respond to, it currently features one question type, which is the NPS question, along with the possibility to give extra feedback with the dynamic NPS follow-up question. If you wish, you can change the NPS question to adapt it to your company's tone of voice.

If you want to edit the survey, after adding it to your account you can do so from the survey composer that pops up.

You can make changes to the NPS question or choose the style of your survey.


Don't forget to save your changes!

Set up the survey widget

When you're done creating the survey, you can set it up to go live.

  • Navigate to your survey overview and find your 'Career Page' survey

  • Click on Edit settings

  • Select your survey from the dropdown menu

  • Choose the delay, (after how many seconds you would like the survey to pop up)

  • Write your introductory text: The Career Page survey is not sent out through an invitation email or a link as all other Starred surveys but, instead, it is embedded on your website. Still, it needs an introductory text to invite your visitors to complete it!

The introductory text can be max. 50 characters long. Since it's a widget on your website, you can make it fun by also using smileys or emojis.

  • Copy and paste snippet: at this step, a script will be generated. You can copy and paste this script on the script tag in the HTML section of your website, on the pages where you would like to run the script on.
  • You're all done now!

Please note:

  • The survey composer looks like the one for all your other surveys, however, since the Career Page survey is embedded on your website, some parts, such as the header, will not be shown.

  • The same is valid for some of the Advanced Survey Settings you might be used to, such as the cooling down period (the career page survey will show up a maximum of 5 times in 5 minutes for one IP address) and the anonymity settings.

  • Lastly, it's currently only available in English, so you can ignore the language option in the survey composer.