At Styles you can personalize the look and feel of your surveys. You can add a new style or modify an existing one by clicking on dropdown menu.

To create a new style, click on 'Create new style'


From the editor, you can choose a name, a background image and the accent and header colors.

The accent color is shown in the following:

  • The name of the respondent on the survey
  • The color of the stars
  • Framework around the questions accompanying the feedback threads
  • The 'Submit' button.

The header color is used in the header text of a survey.


In Starred you can create multiple styles. By clicking on the dropdown menu you can select which style you want to mark as your default style. This means that this background style is automatically added each time you create a new survey.

You can also edit an existing one:

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When you're done creating or editing your style, you can navigate back to your 'Survey overview' and preview your survey to see how it will look like.

What’s Next

Almost done with personalizing your surveys! If you haven't chosen a Thank You page to show your respondents yet, you can learn how to do it here: