Is there a limit to the number of survey questions I can add?

Yes: Starred surveys only allow up to 6 question blocks. For each block, then, you can add up to 5 questions, (depending on the question type).

In the example below, we circled two different types of question blocks:

  • NPS question: due to its nature, this block can only contain the NPS question.
  • Star question: this question block can contain up to 5 different questions.

However, it doesn't matter how many actual questions each of your block contains, it's only possible to add up to 6 question blocks.

To learn more about creating a survey and about the question types available, check out these articles:

Please note: that if you want to change a question in an existing survey, you're always allowed to do so.

However if you're editing a survey, for which you've already received responses, deleting a question block or a question inside a block will also delete all data connected to it, so we don't recommend doing this lightly.

Instead, changing one word in one of the questions won't cause any data loss.

If you're in doubt, please reach out to us via the chat or at [email protected].