Custom fields in the workflow

Description of fields that Starred pulls from Workday

Custom fields refer to properties that you want to add to the respondent's feedback. Custom fields make it possible to filter your data in the dashboard.

Starred offers the possibility to pull default fields and custom fields from your Workday environment thanks to the report you've created during the initial setup.

Next to this Starred also automatically adds two extra fields to your responses.

Go to your workflow > edit > open the 'Action - Send or schedule invitation' step > scroll down to Custom fields.

Default Workday fields

The following list contains the standard fields that are offered by Workday and that you can pull with your report:


Please note: the difference between the fields called “Last_Recruiting_Stage” and “Candidate_Stage” is that the former is the stage the candidate was at at the moment of the rejection/the moment they withdrew or they were hired, while the latter is the current stage, which should be rejected/withdrawn/hired based on the candidate and the workflow that is being triggered.

Automatically added fields by Starred

By default, Starred adds two custom fields to your responses:

  • timeToProcess: relates to the number of days a candidate has been in the hiring process: from Applied Date to Hire/Rejected date (e.g. 27 days)
  • source: relates to the hiring source (e.g. Referral)

Custom fields

If you wish to add any custom fields to your workflows, you can simply add them to your report.

When adding a new custom field to the report it will automatically be available in the workflow filters in Starred (no need to reconnect) for you to choose.

Please note:
🌟 the report should follow a certain order and structure, which you can find listed in our article on how to set up your Workday account. As mentioned there, you can add any columns to your report that you'd like to use as filters but these need to be added after the ones listed in our template report structure.
🌟 when you alter the report it can take up to 1 hour before the new fields become available in the workflow builder.