Creating a new survey

To create a new survey, navigate to your Survey Overview by clicking on Surveys in the navigation bar.

Once you're in your Survey Overview, click on Create new survey:


Here you can choose between two options:

  1. Using one of Starred's survey templates: in our template gallery, you'll find surveys linked to different journey types (Hired, Rejected, Employee Engagement, etc.). Depending on your Starred agreement, the template gallery shows you the available journey types. When you select a certain survey, you can preview the survey and add it directly to your account. You'll still be able to edit the survey to your liking.

  2. Creating a survey: if you click on 'Create from scratch', you'll be able to add questions to your survey from scratch.

Survey tips and requirements

Survey questions

Within Starred, surveys are composed of questions blocks, which then contain survey questions.

Usually, a question block is based around a specific theme. Let's say, a question block could be called "Application process" and all the questions in the block will pertain to the application process.

See our full article to learn more about the available question types.

Survey length

Within Starred, you're allowed to add up to 6 question blocks per survey. In this way, we avoid extra lengthy surveys that recipients might decide to click out of.

When you add a question block to your survey, depending on the question type you have chosen, you may add up to 5 questions.

Please see this example:

  • the first block we highlighted is your NPS question, which, by nature, can only contain one question;
  • the second block we highlighted is a star question type, which can host up to 5 questions.

Customizing a survey

You can customize your surveys by adding custom fields to your question blocks. Custom fields are properties that can be added to your workflows or invitation files.

As an example: if you're pulling the job name from your ATS, you could add it to your survey questions or survey header to make the survey even more personal. Make sure to use the correct spelling of the custom field!

Creating a survey from scratch

To select a new survey without a template, click on select 'Create from scratch':


a pop-up appears where you can:

  • enter the title of your survey
  • select the language
  • select the journey type you would like to link your survey to.

Click on 'Create survey' next.


You will now be redirected to the survey composer, where you'll be able to:

  • Change the header text
  • Add question blocks (up to 6)
  • Add questions to each block (up to 5)

Header text

To personalize the header, you can click on it to change the default text. You can make the header more personal by adding custom fields.


For example, you can add the respondent's name or the company name you can add this by using %firstName and/or %company (see the example below).

Click on the 'Save button' when you're done editing.


Survey languages

You can translate your surveys in other languages.

  • Click on the current default language and select 'Language Settings'.

  • Select the language(s) you'd like to add and click on 'Save'.

For more information on creating multiple survey languages click here.

Please note: Survey questions will not automatically be translated!

Survey style

First, ensure that the background style you'd like to add has been added to your account in your Company Settings.

When the background style has been added there, you are able to select the style from the dropdown menu and click on 'Save Changes' in the bottom right corner.

Creating a question block

To add questions to your survey, you can click 'Add Block'. A question block is a group of questions that have the same format.

Please note: you can only add up to 6 question blocks per survey.

Each question block needs to have a title and a description.

  • Block title: this is the general title of the question block. For example, if you wish to ask questions about different aspects of the application process, you would call this part “Application process”. The block title allows a max. of 45-50 characters depending on which characters are used (for example 'i' or 'W").

*Block description: this is the description of the question block, where you can go more in depth about what you’re going to ask, to guide the respondent. The block description allows a max. of 200-250 characters.

Adding survey questions

When you've added a question block with its title and description, you can now build up the block bit by bit.

You can choose from 7 different types of questions:

  • Star Rating
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Effort Score (Question type)
  • CES 2 (Statement type)
  • Yes/No question
  • Grades
  • Multiple choice
  • Open questions

Depending on the question type, you can add up to five questions per block. Do you want to know more about these question types? Then click here!

You can add the questions one by one by filling in the question title and question description or you can choose to import an already existing block from another survey (Import from existing survey).

  • Question title: this is where you indicate the theme of the actual question. The question title can be max. of 50-75 characters long.

  • Question description: in the description you can elaborate a bit more on the actual question. To allow you to be as specific as possible, the question description can go up to 200-250 characters.

Please see below an example of a question block:


The respondent will view it like this:


Within a question block, you can:

  • add an extra question, by clicking on the Add question button
  • adjust the order of your questions, by clicking on the small icon with four arrows next to the question to drag & drop.
  • deleting a question, by clicking on the bin icon
  • if you want to have less than 5 questions, erase the words 'Example' or leave the definition and hover box blank.

If you have any questions or if you need any help with setting up your survey questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team.