Why is a filter missing in my filter list?

Starred has a rule that only allows up to 20.000 unique tag values for each account.

Tag values are the values for each of your filters. For instance, a tag value for your field "Recruiter" is the recruiter name "Angela", "Claudia" or "Lucas".

When your account reaches and goes over the maximum nr. of unique tag values (meaning tag values that do not repeat themselves, often dates or application IDs), one of the filters in your account will be hidden automatically.

If you see a filter disappearing from your list, this might be the reason. Please reach out to our Support Team, they will be able to re-enable the filter for you.

Please note: for the filter to reappear, another one will need to be hidden. Normally the one with many unique tag values will be chosen, but this can be decided when talking to our Support Team.