I have created a new invitation email, but Starred is still sending out the old one

There could be two reasons why this is happening:

  • You have edited the template, but you haven't saved your changes: after making changes to your template, you have to click on the floppy disk icon to save them, otherwise Starred will not recognize them.
  • You have saved your new template, but you haven't selected it in your workflow: if you're sending out your surveys automatically via an integration, when creating the new template you need to select it in the workflows at the Action step for Starred to utilize it.

Otherwise, Starred will keep sending out the "old" one that is selected in the workflows. Check out the guide for your chosen ATS to learn more about this. All the guides are listed under the https://support.starred.com/docs/integrationsIntegrations section of the Support page.

Please note: if you're sending out your surveys manually, you can select the template to use when you're uploading the CSV file with your contacts.