Can I change or merge existing custom fields?

If there are custom fields linked to your responses, you might occasionally have the need to change the spelling and/or merge two custom fields.

You can do that via the custom fields settings in the Starred app.

What can you do via this feature?

  • Fix the spelling of a single custom field / removing spaces
  • Delete a custom field
  • Merge custom fields
  • Delete a field value

If you want to learn how to do it, we have an article here on the Support Page with a step-by-step guide.

Here, we'll just look at a few examples for each.

Changing the spelling or removing spaces

When you first started sending invitations, you used the field Recruiter Name.


However, you now wish to change the spelling by removing the space between the words, from Recruiter Name to RecruiterName.


Deleting a custom field

You no longer wish for a field to be pulled from your ATS and you have removed the field from your workflows.

However, the field is still available for all responses you have previously received, so it still shows up in your filter list.


If you wish yo delete the field, you can do it yourself via the Custom fields setting. However, deleting is irreversible and it will also delete the field from existing responses. If you only wish to hide the filter from your list, then you can reach out to our Customer Support.

Merging two fields or two field values

Merging two fields

Keeping with the example of the field Recruiter Name, let's say that at some point the field has been changed in all your workflows to RecruiterName. This is great, however, old responses will still be linked to the field as it was spelled initially and therefore you'll see two fields appear in your filter list.


You can merge the two filters. This way, you will only see one filter in your dashboard, and all responses will be linked to the new spelling.

Merging two values

It may happen that one of your field values appears twice, just with slightly different spelling.
Let’s take a recruiter name as an example:

  • First spelling: Romina
  • Second spelling: Romina J.

Since this is the same person, you can merge these values so you can keep just one of the spellings.


Deleting a field value

Just as you can delete entire custom fields, you can also delete a field value for one of your fields that has been used before.

An example of this would be with the custom field Hiring Manager. One of the values could be one of your hiring managers, let’s take “Sophie” as in the example below:


If Sophie leaves your organization, you can remove the field value so that it does not appear in the Hiring Manager dashboard (a section available in the Admin dashboard) or among the filter values:

Since most of these changes are irreversible, please reach out to our Customer Support with your doubts and questions before making any changes!

You can email us at [email protected] or use the chat in the Starred app. We're happy to help!