Connecting SmartRecruiters

How to connect with SmartRecruiters

  1. Access the Integrations section in Starred and select SmartRecruiters from the applications available by clicking on Connect. You'll be taken to the SmartRecruiters login page.

Please note: We recommend integrating Starred with Smart Recruiters via a SmartRecruiters Admin account that is not expected to be deactivated in the future. Otherwise, if the SmartRecruiters user who integrated with Starred is removed from the SmartRecruiters account, the Starred connection will be deactivated as well.

  1. Click Connect SmartRecruiters to continue. For the integration, Starred needs access to some of the data. Review these settings and click Allow to proceed.

  2. Your SmartRecruiters application is now connected and you can start building your first workflow right away. Learn about creating a workflow in the next pages.