Invitation overview

View and manage sent invitations

From your Survey overview, you can access a page where you can see all past invitations for one survey.

From the invitations overview, you can

  • view invitation details
  • cancel scheduled invitations (that haven't been sent yet)
  • disable reminders for sent invitations
  • overwrite invitations to update respondent data

Viewing an invitation batch

From the invitation overview, you can click on an invitation batch.

In this article we'll explain what you can expect to see in each specific batch.

  • You can see who'd sent this batch and when
  • You'll see if the reminder is enabled or disabled
  • Finally, you'll see the number of recipients and the number of responses you received.
  • Underneath the details there's the content of your invitation text.

Cancelling a scheduled batch

If your invitation has not been sent yet, you can click on the orange button to cancel it.


Please note: Currently it is not possible to see the recipient email address in a scheduled batch.

Cancelling a scheduled reminder

If you wish not to send a reminder for an invitation that has been sent already, after you open it you have the option to click on Disable reminder.


Please note:

  • Once you have disabled the reminder you can not turn it on again.
  • The reminder can be disabled up to 2 days after the original invite has been sent. After 2 days it is not possible to disable the reminder anymore.

Updating recipient properties

This function enables you to add custom fields to respondents or overwrite incorrect custom fields after you sent out the invitations. This article will go more in depth on how to use this feature.


This is an overview of e-mails that didn't reach the recipient for a particular reason. In the overview, you can see the mail-address of the respondent and the reason why the survey is not received.


Here you'll find an overview of the recipient(s). You'll see the mail-address of the respondent and the status of the invitation.

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