Which data gets shared with your email service provider Mailgun?

Find out what type of information is shared with our email service provider

We use Mailgun (Company details: Mailgun Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation) as our email service provider.

Emails you’re sending to request feedback are sent by Mailgun.

Mailgun keeps data only as long as it is necessary to provide their services.

Data we share with Mailgun is stored for 30 days.

Below you’ll find the types of information that is shared with Mailgun and their purpose.

Message Bodies

Mailgun stores the bodies of messages for up to thirty (30) days for both incoming and outgoing messages, including data you share with Starred to be included in the message, e.g. @firstname, @job, or @location ('invitation tags'). For outgoing messages, temporary storage allows our systems to attempt to re-deliver messages that could not be delivered on the first attempt. Finally, Mailgun staff may access message bodies to assist Starred in troubleshooting delivery issues. Mailgun employee access is routinely audited and all of those employees or staff in contact with personal data are subject to our confidentiality provisions.

Message Metadata

The metadata of a message, which includes the sender, recipient(s), subject line, originating IP address, and other data like companyID is indexed and maintained for 30 days.


Suppressions are permanently stored email addresses that are created as a result of a hard bounce, complaint, or unsubscribe. We store suppressions until you remove them or your account has been deleted. When suppressions are removed, they are permanently deleted from the system.

Recipient Data

Mailgun stores recipient email addresses activity information in a hashed (pseudonymization) format. This data allows us to more accurately pre-validate email addresses, detect potential risky senders who may damage IP reputation, and help customers optimize their delivery processes. This recipient data is only used as part of the delivery of Mailgun services.

We recommend reading the following articles directly on Mailgun's website for more information:

Security and privacy documentation
GDPR Compliance and EU Data Protection

In case you have any questions or objections, please contact us on [email protected].