Starred Labs (Candidate Experience)

At Starred, we're always busy improving our platform to offer you the best user experience and continue improving our analytics tools.

If you want to be part of the process, you can choose to join specific projects through Starred Labs.

Please note: only Admin users within Candidate Experience accounts in Starred have access to this feature.

What is Starred Labs?

Starred Labs is a new section of your Starred app where you can see what projects we're working on and be among the first users to test new dashboards or give feedback on improvements and enhancements we're considering launching.

You can find Starred Labs in the menu at the bottom left of the screen, close to your account settings:

How does Starred Labs work?

When you enter the Starred Labs environment, you'll see all the available experiments. The experiments will cover two important aspects of the Starred app, which are:

  • User Experience enhancements and improvements
  • Dashboards/Analytics projects

From here, you'll be able to click on an experiment and read about it. We'll provide you with enough information for you to choose to participate.

If you'd like to join one of the experiments, you can just click on Join experiment

Dashboards/Analytics experiments

When you choose to join a new dashboard/analytics experiment, the dashboard will be added to your list in the navigation bar.

Whenever you'll open the dashboard, a pop-up message will remind you that this dashboard is part of an experiment you have joined.

Please note: the test dashboard will only be added to your own user account. You won't be able to assign it to other users through the Colleagues' section (under Access Rights).

User experience enhancements

When you join a UX enhancements experiment, it will open in a new tab that will take you to our design tool.

Here, you'll be able to have a sneak peek of our design prototype and give us your feedback.