Thank you page

Learn how to set up the Thank You page and how to make it conditional to different sentiments

Within your Survey Settings, you're able to create personalized messages to show at the end of the survey to thank your respondents. This is what we call a Thank you Page.

The Thank You page allows you to write a special thanks depending on the feedback given by respondents.

When a NPS question has been answered, you can display a different Thank You text based on whether your respondent is a Detractor, Passive or Promoter.

:arrow-right: You can also choose to add a link to redirect your respondents to a page where they can leave a review for your company. We recommend adding this URL in the Thank you Page that you're showing to your Promoters.

Please note:

  • If you do not personalize your Thank you page, Starred will show a generic one.
  • When there's no NPS question added in the survey, Starred shows the Thank You page for Passives/General Thank You page.

How to customize your Thank you page:

To customize your Thank you Pages, from your settings navigate to the section called Thank you page.

Here you can add different Thank You pages for Detractors, Passives, and Promotors.

Negative feedback
Did you receive some negative feedback? Let your respondent know you're sorry for the negative experience.


Positive feedback
Did you receive super positive feedback? With a special thanks, tailored for this positive feedback, the response is even more personal and you can ask respondents to write a review about you.


By clicking on 'Preview Thank you page', you can review the personalized Thank You page that the recipients will receive.

Translate your Thank you page in different Languages

It's possible to create a Thank You page in the same language that you use in your surveys. To do so, select a language from the drop-down menu. Now you can preview the default Thank You page or create your own in the language you've selected.


Thank you pages on survey level

Starred also offers Thank You pages on survey level. In this way, you set up more specific Thank you pages and address different sentiments to different respondent groups (Candidates versus Hiring Managers).
Are you interested in Thank You pages on survey level? Navigate to our support page about Advanced survey settings.

Thank you page metrics

When you've added a button link on a Thank You page you're able to track the number of clicks and the conversion rate.
Please note: Starred registers the numbers as of 30 March 2021.

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