How to use the dashboard

Your guide on how to use the Starred dashboard to analyze results

Once on the dashboard, you can easily navigate between surveys using the dropdown menu on the top left corner.


The first box you’ll see under the survey name is the one with the filters. Starred offers the possibility to filter through your survey responses to retrieve specific information.

Here are some of the filters you will find in the dropdown menu:

  • Date: filter feedback based on a specific timeframe of when the response was given.
  • NPS: you can filter your responses based on the (NPS score) [add link] given by your respondents.
  • Other filters: these are based on the custom fields you have added to your contacts.

If you want to learn more about Starred’s filter functionality, head over to our dedicated article.

The next three boxes include important information such as:

  • The number of invitations you have sent
  • The responses you have gotten
  • A percentage of response rate
  • Your average rating (from your ratings questions, which are grades and star questions)

The next sections will vary depending on the questions you have asked in your surveys. In fact, these boxes contain information about the ratings that your respondents have given you.

Net Promoter Score

This box will include a visual of your average NPS score

The question boxes

For each of the Star rating or Grade questions you have asked, there will be a separate box containing the average scores.

By hovering over the graph, you’ll be able to read the full question.

By clicking on the ratings, you will be able to drill down into each question. We’ll dive into this topic in a separate section.

The comments overview

Besides giving you a rating, respondents will also be able to leave a comment to further elaborate on their experience. Whether this is the comment they leave to the NPS question, a feedback they give to any open questions you might have asked or a comment they deliberately decide to leave after rating you within your Stars/Grades questions.

The option to leave a comment in Stars/Grades questions is displayed as follows in Starred surveys:

So all the comments you’ll see could either be what the respondents have typed after clicking on the + button or the comment to the NPS question / to any open question you might have asked.

The comments are listed in a box where you’ll be able to read them as well as link them to the right response and the rating given by the respondent.

  • Rating: will show you the rating that the respondent has given to that question, so you can link their rating to their comment.

Please note: respondents can leave comments to all questions, also ones where they are not asked to leave a rating, such as your Multiple Choice questions or Yes/No questions. For those, you'll still see a "rating" listed in the table. This is just a notation to identify the response given (for instance, for Yes/No questions 1 means Yes and 0 means No): responses to Multiple Choice questions and Yes/No questions do not count towards your average rating.

  • Question type: will clarify the type of question you were asking, whether it was NPS or one of the Star ratings / Grades questions.
  • Block title: will tell you the title of the question block that contained the question. Example: your block contained questions about your online application, so you called it Online Application.
  • Subject: this is the title you have given to the particular question. Example: in your Online Application block, you have created a series of questions to investigate your application process, so one subject could be Quick and easy application form.
  • Question: within each subject, you have typed the question in a more extensive manner. The actual question is listed here. Example: under the subject Quick and easy application form, you have explained what you want to know It was easy and quick to complete the online application form.
  • Comment: lastly, the actual comment left by the respondent.

Next to each comment there are three dots: by clicking on them, you can expand the comment by opening the response in a separate tab.

From here, you’ll be able to see the respondents data as well as contact them. To dive deeper into the topic of individual responses, the information Starred displays and the action you can perform on them, you can read our article on individual responses.

Please note: only users with the access right "Can view comments" will see the actual comments in this box. If you do not have that access right, you will see a message informing you that comments are not visible to you based on your permissions.