How to schedule reports

Learn how you can create reports to Starred users or external colleagues

Starred export functionality allows you to schedule the delivery of reports to users in your account or other external colleagues in the company.

You can create reports for each of the sections of the Starred dashboard, from your main overview to the Comparison tab, the Question drill down dashboard, the comments or question boxes and so on.

Above the boxes containing the survey results, you will identify the three vertical dots on the right side. By clicking on them, you will open a dropdown menu with two main options:

  • Download: this option allows you to immediately download the data. Check out our dedicated article to learn more about this feature.
  • Schedule delivery: this option is great if you wish to deliver exports to specific email addresses (users of Starred or not) as well as create reports for other colleagues (or for yourself) that can be delivered on a regular basis.

Click on the second option if you want to schedule reports to Starred or non-Starred users.

Sending reports with the “schedule delivery” option

From the dropdown menu, select Schedule delivery:


From the pop up that appears, you’ll be able to choose how often you wish the export to be sent, at what time, to whom and in which format (.csv, .pdf or .png):


Once you're done, click on Save. The scheduled report will appear in your list:


Editing and deleting scheduled reports

Of course it's always possible to edit or fully delete a scheduled report.

When you have scheduled reports for a survey, you will be able to access the full list by clicking on Schedule delivery:


From there, you can choose to edit, duplicate or delete a report:


Please note: if you delete a user profile from Starred, remember to also delete any reports that were being received by the user. Simply deleting a user profile will not also delete the scheduled report.

Using filters

If you want to create exports for a certain date range and/or filter(s) you can select this in the left navigation bar. The export will only contain response data for the selected time and/or filter(s).

To learn how to use filters, check out our dedicated article.

Learn More

Would you rather learn how to schedule reports through a video? We have one just for you!