How to export data from Starred (beta)

Learn how you can export survey results and create reports

Please note: the new dashboard is currently in closed beta testing.

Many Starred customers find it valuable to be able to export results from their surveys to create insight reports. That’s why we have implemented an advanced export functionality that really allows you to export the data you need as well as schedule the delivery of dashboard reports to people in the company, containing the data that they need to receive.

You can download data in each of the sections of the Starred dashboard, from your main overview to the Comparison tab, the Question drill down dashboard, the comments or question boxes and so on.

You will identify the button to open a menu where you can download your data by the three vertical dots.

Downloading data

Whether you’re viewing the main dashboard, the Comparison dashboard or the Question Drill Down Dashboard, you’ll always have the option to export the results shown in a comprehensive file.

Above the boxes containing the survey results, you will identify the three vertical dots on the right side. By clicking on them, you will open a dropdown menu with two main options:

  • Download
  • Schedule delivery

The Download option will allow you to immediately download the data.
The Schedule delivery option can be used to create exports and send reports to other users or other people in the company that don't have access to Starred.

To download the data for yourself, choose Download. Here, you can choose whether you wish to download your responses in .pdf or in .csv format.


Then, you’ll be asked to choose other settings such as the paper size as well as some other layout options.

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The file can be opened in your browser or directly downloaded.

Downloading specific charts

By hovering onto the top right corner of each chart the three dots will appear. This means that each question results can be downloaded separately.


Here you’ll be able to choose:

  • Format
  • More advanced options such as formatting

Sending reports with the “schedule delivery” option

This option is great if you wish to deliver exports to specific email addresses (users of Starred or not) as well as create reports for other colleagues (or for yourself) that can be delivered on a regular basis.

In the Settings tab you’ll be able to choose how often you wish the export to be sent, at what time, to whom and in which format (.csv, .pdf or .png).

  • The option to “test now” the feature will give you peace of mind that, indeed, the recipient is getting the results in their inbox.

  • If you want to be reminded of what filters you applied before creating the export, you can click on the Filters tab.

  • Lastly, when scheduling deliveries, you have a few Advanced options available that will help you customize how the file should look like.


Using filters

If you want to export your data for a certain date range and/or filter(s) you can select this in the left navigation bar. The export will only contain response data for the selected time and/or filter(s).