Exporting data

Learn how you can export survey results from Starred

Starred export functionality allows you to download data from several parts of your dashboard, from your main overview to the Comparison tab, the Question drill down dashboard, the comments or question boxes and so on.

You will identify the button to open a menu where you can download your data by the three vertical dots.

Downloading data

Above the boxes containing the survey results, you will identify the three vertical dots on the right side. By clicking on them, you will open a dropdown menu with two main options:

  • Download: this option allows you to immediately download the data.
  • Schedule delivery: this option can be used to create exports and send reports to other users or other people in the company that don't have access to Starred. Check out our dedicated article to learn how to do it.

Select the first option to export your data immediately on your computer.

Downloading the overall dashboard

Here, you can choose whether you wish to download your responses in .pdf or in .csv format.

Google Drive

Downloading specific charts

By hovering onto the top right corner of each chart the three dots will appear. This means that each question results can be downloaded separately.

Google Drive

Downloading comments

Google Drive

Using filters

If you want to export your data for a certain date range and/or filter(s) you can select this in the left navigation bar. The export will only contain response data for the selected time and/or filter(s).

To learn how to use filters, check out our dedicated article.

What’s Next

Would you rather learn how to export data through a video? We have one just for you!