Increasing your response rate

Low response rate, what should I do?

When you've sent out an invitation batch you are hoping that your recipients will take the time to answer, aiming for a high response rate.

Is your response rate a bit disappointing? No worries! In this article, you'll find tips and tricks to help you increase your response rate.

You'll have a bigger chance on a high response rate if you can answer the following questions with a 'yes':

  • Are the questions in your survey relevant and interesting for your contact? And does this survey apply to your contact?
  • Are the questions and communication around the feedback survey personal?
  • Is the survey brief and easy to fill in for your contact?
  • Do you have a clear succession of feedback?

When you've answered every question with a 'yes', you've already set the first steps towards a higher response rate!

Let's now look at other ways to increase your response rate:

Subject line

Make the feedback survey subject striking and important for your respondent.

Send your invitation at the right time

The timing of sending your invitation batch is very important. Depending on where you're based, the time zone of your contacts and/or working hours, you can choose to send your survey at a particular time to make sure that your respondents will have more space in their schedule to open the email and respond to the survey.

Translate your survey

If you’re present in different countries, your contacts might speak different languages and some might even not be proficient in English.
Therefore, it makes sense to offer them your survey in their native language: the easier it is for them to fill in your survey, the better your response rate will be!

Starred already offers invites, surveys and "Thank You" pages in 29 languages. Check out our dedicated article to learn how to translate your survey.

Invitation email

Make it compelling by personalizing it towards the respondent and choosing the right words. We have a prepared templates that you can use and of course we encourage you to personalize your text even more!

See invitation email templates for Candidate Experience
See invitation email templates for Employee Engagement

Otherwise, for more tips on how to customize your invitation email, we have a full article on the topic.

Embed the NPS in your invitation email

Embedding one of the questions (we suggest the NPS question) in your invitation will give the recipient a preview of what they can expect. Plus, if they choose to click and give an answer, not only will they be redirected to the survey page, but their answer will be automatically registered, so even if they click out, you’ll have gotten a precious answer. This way, you will not have to rely on a click-through for the recipient to start answering your survey questions. See [this page] ( for more information on this topic.