Comments overview

Please note: this dashboard is only available if the role has access right "Can view comments

Here you will find a list of all comments you have received to your survey questions, divided based on the NPS score or the type of question.

You'll find:

  • Comments on NPS question
  • Comments on star and grade questions
  • Comments on multiple choice questions
  • Comments on Yes/No questions
  • Comments on open ended questions

Comments on NPS question

Starred displays the comments by dividing them between those left by promoters, passives and detractors. This makes it easy to analyze your feedback and define action steps.

Each of the boxes will include:

  • NPS score
  • Survey title
  • Comment
  • Date

Comments on rating questions

Your respondents can also leave comments to other survey questions.

The following boxes show comments left by respondents to your star and grade questions.

Star and grade questions usually make up your average ratings as both can be translated into a scale from 1 to 10, so Starred divides the comments in two based on those with a rating under 6 and those with a rating over 6.

These questions are always divided by subject, which is why the boxes will include the following columns:

  • Subject
  • Survey title
  • Comment
  • Rating

Multiple Choice Comments

The next section will display comments left by respondents to your multiple choice questions.

The box will include:

  • title of the question block
  • survey title, for reference
  • comment

Yes/No questions

For Yes/No questions, you’re asking your respondent whether a statement is true or false to them. They can always further expand on their answer with a comment. You’ll see those comments divided based on the answer they have chosen.

Open ended questions

Here you’ll find an overview of all qualitative feedback related to the open questions in your surveys.

This type of feedback is very helpful, since respondents are letting you know more about their experience with you.

We have a full guide on our recommended way of analyzing open feedback (which would actually work for all previous comments as well). We think you’ll find it very useful! Check it out here :)


Especially if you wish to further analyze your comments or if you need to share them with other stakeholders in your company, remember that you can export them.

Exporting comments

By hovering over the top right corner of each box, three vertical dots will appear. Click on them and choose Download data to export your comments.


We suggest choosing an Excel format for this if you wish to analyze your comments or a .png format if you need just an overview to add to a presentation (keep in mind that the .png will be an image so not all comments will be displayed).