Custom fields in the workflow

Description of fields that Starred pulls from Greenhouse

Custom fields refer to properties that you want to add to the respondent's feedback. Custom fields make it possible to filter your data in the dashboard. Starred offers the possibility to pull default Greenhouse fields and custom fields (on job and candidate level) from your Greenhouse environment. Next to this Starred also automatically adds two extra fields to your responses.

Go to your workflow > edit > open the 'Action - Send or schedule invitation' step > scroll down to Custom fields.

Default Greenhouse fields

In the workflow templates we've added a few custom fields that are often used. These fields are pulled on application level or job level. Below you'll see the custom fields that are included in the workflow template for Rejected Candidates:

Please find below a description of custom fields that are used most often.

Click on the image to view it at full size.

If you have questions about other custom fields please contact [email protected].


Company specific custom fields on candidate and job level

In addition to the default fields, you can also add your custom fields on job and candidate level to the workflow to capture company specific information.

To search for company custom fields, click on the '+' in the last step of your workflow. Type in custom in the search bar. Now you'll see a list of all your custom fields that are available.

Please note:

  • There is a limitation of 100 custom candidate and/or job fields we can pull from your Greenhouse environment.
  • We can't pull the following field types:
    • Multi select
    • Currency range
    • Number range

Automatically added fields by Starred

By default, Starred adds custom fields to your responses:

  • timeToProcess: relates to the number of days a candidate has been in the hiring process: from Applied Date to Hire/Rejected date (e.g. 27 days)
  • source: relates to the hiring source (e.g. Referral)

Please note: in Greenhouse, it’s possible to list several recruiters, coordinators and sourcers for the hiring team. When multiple people are listed, Starred will only pull one.
To know which one will be displayed, please know that the first user added to the list in Greenhouse would be considered the "primary" Hiring Manager or Recruiter. After that, the list is arranged by permissions, for example a Site Admin would be listed above a Job Admin user. If all of the users were Job Admin's then the Job Admin's with the most comprehensive permissions would be listed higher.