Advanced survey settings

Survey anonymity, Thank you page, Cooling down period and more.

Besides choosing the survey language and questions, you can navigate to the Advanced survey settings for each of your surveys to further customize it.

From your Survey Overview, select the survey and choose Edit survey:


Then, on the top right corner of the page that appears, select Advanced Survey Settings:



You can select how you'd like to display the survey questions on desktop devices:

All questions on one page: Designed for better optimization for longer surveys with 4-6 question blocks
One question per page: Designed for better results for shorter surveys with 1-3 question blocks

Survey Thank You settings

Here, you can decide what happens when a respondent submits your survey.

You can choose to use the company-wide "Thank you" page (see here) or choose a different one that is specific to the survey.

:bulb:You might want to choose a different "Thank you" page for your internal surveys such as your hiring manager surveys, or have a specific one for your applicant research, the survey you use to research candidate's motivation. We're happy to advise you on best practices!

You can choose to overwrite your default company Thank You page and create a Thank you page on survey level.

  • By clicking on Create Thank You page for this survey you can customize it per NPS score (Detractor, Passives and Promoters) and per survey language. Please note: When you don't create custom Thank You pages for all the different languages in your survey, Starred will show the default company Thank You page in that language.
  • By selecting Redirect to custom URL, you can redirect your respondent to a separate page immediately after clicking on “Submit survey”.
  • By selecting Redirect to Candidate Academy, your respondents will be offered to register for the Candidate Academy, where they will have access to learning materials and even be able to simulate interview questions. Learn more about the Candidate Academy here!

Cooling down period

You can choose to overwrite your default company cooling down period and activate a cooling down period on survey level.

You might want to choose a cooling down period for one of your surveys that is different than your company-wide cooling down period. This is usually done for "Hiring Manager" surveys, as hiring managers might need to receive multiple surveys a month, "Quality of Hire" surveys and so on.

By clicking on 'Set cooling down period for this survey' you can select a period from the dropdown menu. Don't forget to click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page.

Response visibility

You can choose to show or hide last responses from your respondents when they open your survey invitation for the second time.

If this is set to 'Show last responses to your respondents', then the previously submitted response to your survey will be loaded if the respondent opens your survey again. Otherwise, they will see a blank survey.
If this is set to 'Hide last responses from your respondents', then a blank survey will be shown when the respondent opens your survey again.

Anonymity settings

You can choose how you want to collect respondents' data.

  • Respondent data is not anonymous: Feedback is collected non-anonymously
  • Respondent data is anonymous: Feedback is collected anonymously
  • Opt-in: The default is set to non-anonymous, however, the respondent can choose to answer anonymously by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the survey.
  • Opt-out: The default is set to anonymously, however, the respondent can choose to answer non-anonymously by unticking the checkbox at the bottom of the survey.

Journey type

As part of advanced survey settings, you can assign a journey type to your survey. This is a way to map out your respondent's feedback to a specific touchpoint. For example, if you're using Starred for measuring your candidate experience you can section the entire applicant journey by linking your surveys to the journey types listed in the dropdown menu. Linking to a journey type will enable your applicant journey. This way you will get better insights into your process and you can compare it to our benchmark. For more information on the Starred benchmark Journey, please see this support page.

Different journey types

Please note, you may use Starred for Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, or Candidate Experience. Based on your account, different journey types will be displayed in the dropdown menu.

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All done with your Advanced Survey Settings? Then you can start sending out surveys!