How do I close my Employee Engagement survey?

*For employee engagement accounts only

Closing a survey

When you want to stop collecting responses and prevent recipients form being able to access your survey, you can activate a survey close date for a certain survey. After the close date the recipient will see a message explaining that the time for giving feedback has expired. If you don't want to use a survey close you can leave the close date empty and your survey wil never close.

Note: this setting is only available for Employee Engagement accounts.

You can set up a close date in Advanced survey settings:

  1. Navigate to the survey editor by clicking on Edit behind a survey
  2. Click on Advanced survey settings next
  3. At 'Survey close date' you can set a close date for the survey. If you click on the calendar icon you can easily select a close date. You can choose any future date.
    Note: It's not possible to select a specific closing time. By default a survey will be closed at 00:00 (UTC) on the specified date.

Survey close message

When a recipient wants to open the survey after the close date, Starred shows a standardized message that the survey has been closed. This message is not customizable.

Note: The message is available in multiple languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, NL and PL). Depending on the survey language, the close message will be shown in that language. English replaces all other (non-available) languages.


Re-open a closed survey

You can manually re-activate the survey by resetting the close date to another future date or if you wish to cancel the automatic closing, you can remove the close date.