How to activate my user account?

Step-by-step guide on how to activate your Starred account:

  1. You received an email invitation from [email protected] with subject ‘[Name] invited you to join [Company] on Starred’

  2. Open the email and click on Activate your account.

  3. Accept ‘Terms and Conditions’ (‘I agree to the conditions of use’) and click on Create account

  4. Fill in all personal details (First name, Last name, role and upload a profile picture) and click on Continue (Company name is prefilled, cannot be adjusted)

  5. You’ll receive a second email from [email protected] with the subject "Activate your Starred account" with a temporary password (valid for 24 hours). This temp password you can use to log in and then create your personal password:
    a. Open the link:
    b. Fill in your email address
    c. Copy/paste the temporary password from the email and click on Sign in
    d. Create your personal password, repeat the password and click Send

  6. Your Starred account is activated.