Connecting Greenhouse

How to connect with Greenhouse

In order to enable the Greenhouse/Starred integration, you need to have the proper permissions in Greenhouse. Your Greenhouse Administrator can help you with that.

  1. Get a Harvest API key from your Greenhouse here. Click 'Create New API Key'.
    Enter any description and for Type select Harvest .
  2. Give the API Key the following permissions.
  • Applications > Get: Retrieve Application
  • Scheduled Interviews > Get: List Interviews for Application
  • Departments > Get: List Departments
  • Jobs > Get: Retrieve Jobs
  • Job Posts > Get: List Job Posts
  • Job Posts > Get: List Job Posts for Job
  • Sources > Get: List Sources
  • Users > Get: Retrieve User
  • Custom Fields > Get: Get custom fields
  • Candidates > Get: Retrieve Candidate
  1. Go Starred Connect's application overview
  2. Click 'Connect' under the Greenhouse logo.
  3. Enter de Harvest API key that you got from step 1. Click 'Continue'
  4. Copy the Endpoint URL and Secret Key.
  5. Go to your Greenhouse web hooks settings here

We need to create 3 web hooks in Greenhouse:

  • Candidate has been hired
  • Candidate is rejected
  • Offer created
  1. Use the Endpoint URL and Secret key from Step 5 to configure the web hook. For the 'When' setting select 'Candidate has been hired'. Click on 'Create Web Hook'
  2. Repeat step 7 but change the 'When' setting to use 'Candidate rejected'
  3. Repeat step 7 but change the 'When' setting to use 'Offer created'
  4. Go back to Starred Connect. Click on 'Finish setup'

Starred Connect will now check if the web hooks are set up correctly.

..and that's it! Starred and Greenhouse are now integrated!