Coordinator performance dashboard

This dashboard will allow you to have a quick and easily accessible view of individual coordinator results. Please note: We only offer the Coordinator Performance tab when you have 'Coordinator' as a custom field added your candidate responses.

Overall number of responses, average rating and NPS score

On top of the page you'll find:

  • Total responses
  • Average rating (based on your star and grades questions)
  • NPS Score

Coordinator data breakdown

Just below, you will then find the same type of data, but this time it will be divided by recruiter name. This way you can easily compare the performance of your team members.

Coordinator heatmap

The last chart will offer ratings based on the subjects of your questions.

Different colors will help you understand your coordinators’ performance at a quick glance.

Coordinator deepdive

To dive even deeper into your insights you can drill down into each coordinator specifically by clicking on the three dots next to each coordinator's name and selecting “Coordinator Deepdive”.


The dashboard that will open will show you the data related to that coordinator in comparison with the results of all other coordinators combined.

It could look something like this, where the blue color represents your selected coordinator and the gray represents all other coordinators grouped together:

Please note: in the Deepdive section there will be a comments box where all comments left by your respondents are displayed.
If the user role does not have the access right "Can view comments", then instead of the actual comment the user will see s message informing them that comments are not visible to them based on their permissions.