NPS auto-capture

With Starred, it is possible to embed a survey question in your invitation text. If you are interested in learning how to do so, please see this link. Oftentimes, the NPS question is added to the invitation text.


There are 2 main benefits of adding the NPS question to your invitation text:

  • Clicking on an NPS score in the invitation will redirect your respondent to the rest of the survey;
  • When your respondent answers the NPS question without submitting the survey, Starred still captures the NPS score for you, even if the respondent does not answer any other survey question. This will help increase your response rate.

By default, NPS auto-capture is enabled. If you would like to disable NPS auto-capture, we will only capture the respondent's rating when they submit the survey. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

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