Integrating your ATS or CRM using Zapier

Starred feedback software empowers Talent Acquisition and HR teams to improve People Experience from hire to retire. With Zapier it’s easier than ever to automate your feedback workflow.

In this article we will cover:

  • How to connect your Starred account with Zapier
  • What actions are available in Starred Zapier application
  • How to work with Schedule Date

Connect your Starred account with Zapier

Please follow the steps below to get access to Starred app in Zapier and connect it.

  1. In your Starred account, navigate to the Integrations page.
  2. Click on Connect button on Zapier card in Starred Connect. (You will be redirected to Zapier)

  1. In order to connect your Starred account with Zapier, you will require an API key. Please follow the steps below to get your API key:
  • Login to your Starred account.
  • Go to API Key Page.
  • Click on "Generate New API Token" button.
  • Give your API Token a name. Make sure you can remember what you are using this API Token for.
  • After the API Token is generated you must copy it and store it securely. Once you close the window it cannot be generated a second time.


Copy & Save your API token

It is not stored at Starred and you cannot generate the same token in the future

  1. With the API token you can connect Zapier to Starred. Navigate back to Zapier. Now search for Starred:
  1. And then click on 'Connect'

A new window will pop up.

  • Fill in the API token and name the connection.
  • Click Yes, Continue

Congratulations. You've now connected Zapier to your Starred Account

Available Actions

Some possible actions you can have your zap perform in Starred include:

  • Send Survey
  • Schedule Survey

Working with Schedule Date

Schedule Survey action can be used in zaps to schedule a survey to respondents when a zap is triggered.

You can choose to add a delay to the date. For example, your trigger service gives you an "Event Start Date", but you want to be able to send the survey 3 days after the "Event Start Date". To do this, you'll use the following syntax right after the date/time field you want to adjust.

IMPORTANT: You need a space between the placeholder and the adjustment, or it will not work.

+12h - 12 hours after the date/time in the field.
+10d - 10 days after the date/time in the field.

You can mix and match those as well. Remember you need to put a space between these!

See Zapier documentation for more information on DateTime fields.