Audit Logs

In the Audit Logs section of your settings you will be able to download a full list of all events that have occurred in your account.

Please note: audit logs are available for 30 days.

By clicking on Download as CSV, a file will be downloaded to your computer.

Events that you might find in the list include actions performed in the following parts of your Starred app or usage of different Starred features:

  • Account Settings
  • Company Settings
  • Form Settings
  • Forms
  • Inviting
  • Logins
  • Dashboarding

Please note: the term Form is legacy for Survey.

Actions include but are not limited to:

Account Settings

  • Deleting personal account
  • Updating user profile
  • Updating or changing password/2FA
  • Switching between company profiles

Company settings

  • Updating or changing a company name/address
  • Creating/deleting a colleague
  • Importing/downloading colleague list
  • Updating colleague access rights
  • Updating or changing webhook address/preference
  • Updating or changing to privacy statement
  • Updating or changing data retention period
  • Deleting individual users for GDPR purposes
  • Creating Data Access Policies or updating an existing one
  • Creating a new API token
  • Updating or changing credit card information
  • Updating or changing billing information
  • Downloading invoices
  • Downloading audit logs
  • Updating subdomain
  • Updating From Name Suffix
  • Changing notification settings

Survey settings

  • Creating/changing/editing style
  • Setting style to default style
  • Creating/updating/changing/previewing Thank You page
  • Updating or changing cooling down period
  • Viewing/downloading unsubscriptions


  • Editing a survey.
  • Archiving a form
  • Deleting a form
  • Renaming a survey
  • Sharing a survey


  • Sending invitations
  • Scheduling invitations
  • Updating or creating an invitation template
  • Generating links


  • Signing in/out of Starred
  • Failing to sign in
  • Forgetting password

Responses and dashboards

  • Deleting a response
  • Accessing to dashboard
  • Downloading deleted responses
  • Viewing deleted responses