Custom fields in the workflow

Description of fields that Starred pulls from SAP SuccessFactors

Custom fields refer to properties that you want to add to the respondent's feedback.

Custom fields make it possible to filter your data in the dashboard. Starred can pull any field that is not a relation, so only scalar fields. That includes any standard fields from SAP SuccessFactors and any custom fields you add to candidate profiles, job requisitions and job applications. If you have questions about other custom fields please contact [email protected].

To add custom fields to your workflow:

  • Go to your workflow page
  • Find the workflow you want to add fields to and from the dropdown menu select Edit
  • Open the Action - Send or schedule invitation step >
  • Scroll down to Custom fields.
  • To search for custom fields, click on the '+' sign
  • In the right columnm start typing for the field you're looking for.

Please note:

  • There is a limitation of 100 custom candidate and/or job fields we can pull from your SAP SuccessFactors environment.
  • We can't pull relation fields only scalar fields (such as a string, a number, a date, etc.)

Automatically added fields by Starred

By default, Starred adds custom fields to your responses:

  • timeToProcess: relates to the number of days a candidate has been in the hiring process: from Applied Date to Hire/Rejected date (e.g. 27 days)
  • source: relates to the hiring source (e.g. Referral)