Individual responses (beta)

Learn how to view and export responses and how to contact your respondents

Besides being able to view overall survey results and ratings, you can also look at individual responses.

Please note:

  • Starred HR accounts, also known as Employee Engagement accounts, do not have the option to see individual responses.
  • Only users with the access right "Can see individual responses" have access to this part of the dashboard. If you want to learn more about access rights in Starred, you can read our dedicated article.

To access the responses overview, you can select Responses from the options on the left side:


Here you'll see a list of all the responses received along with the following information:

  • Respondent name
  • Survey sent: the date when the invitation was sent
  • Answer given: the date when the response was received

The names of the respondents will only be displayed if the survey was not anonymous. If you offer an "opt in/opt out" option, it is normal then that some responses will have a name and some won't.


Filters are also available on this part of the dashboard, so you can filter through your responses as you please based on the custom fields you have available.


If you want to export your responses, you can do so by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen and select Export to CSV:


A notification will inform you that you'll receive the file via email:


If you wish to read through the responses on Starred, you can access each individual rating by clicking on a respondent's name.

A separate page will load where you'll see the scores that the respondent has given you, as well as any comments they might have left.

On the top right corner on the screen, there is a button with three dots. If you click on it, you'll view the actions that you can perform from here, which are:

  • view respondent details
  • contact the respondent
  • delete the response
  • copy the link of the response to share it with someone else


By clicking on Open details , a tab will pop up on the right hand side of the screen with the contact's details.


If you have added custom fields to your respondents, for example by adding them to the .csv file you used for your invitation or by including them in your workflows in Starred Connect, they'll also be displayed in the respondent details.

Contacting the respondent

We really recommend reaching out to respondents when they have reported a bad experience with your organization. You can do it by clicking on Contact the respondent, typing your message in the box that pops up:


You can also send messages to anonymous respondents. The respondent remains anonymous at the moment they receive your message.

Please note, if the respondent replies to the message, you will see their email address and they no longer remain anonymous. We therefore advise you to explain this in the initial message sent to your respondent.

If you want to dive deeper into the topic of contacting your respondents, we have a full article about it. Find it here.

Share link to this response

If you want to share the response with another Starred user, you can click on the Share link to this response button. The link will be automatically copied to your clipboard and you will be informed with a pop up notification on the top right corner of the screen:


Delete the response

If you wish to delete a response, you have the option to do it from here by clicking on Delete the response. No worries, Starred will ask you to confirm before the response is actually deleted!

Please note: Only users with the access right "Can delete Response" can perform this action.