Setting up colleague access rights

Control who has admin rights and what others users can do

In your Colleagues overview, you can:

  • grant or restrict your colleagues' access rights within your Starred account
  • assign a role to a user (*only for Candidate Experience)
  • delete a user profile

By default, colleagues are added as users without access rights. You can manage their access rights by clicking on 'Edit' behind your colleague's name.

Assigning user roles to colleagues (Candidate Experience)

At the top of the Access Rights section, you can link a colleague to a specific role (e.g. Recruiter). The access rights established in the role will also be applied to the colleague. To set up user roles or for more information on how to edit them please have a look at this support page.


Assigning user access rights

You can also decide to assign access rights manually for each colleague. Tick the access rights you want them to have access to from the following list:


  • Can edit company details: This option allows users to edit company details, styles, invitations, etc.
  • Can edit Colleagues: This option allows users to add other users to the platform and edit the access rights of other users. If enabled, this option gives users the 'Admin' role.
  • Can access API page: This option allows users to view the APIcredentials and set webhooks.
  • Can access Privacy Page: Allows a user to access the Privacy page.
  • Can view Audit Logs: Allows a user to access the Audit Logs page. Audit Logs are a record of your company's users' activities (user log-ins, dashboard views, surveys sent).
  • Can delete Response: Allow a user to delete responses.


  • Can create and edit surveys: This option allows users to create and edit surveys.
  • Can view surveys: Allows a user to access the Survey overview page.


  • Can send invitations: This option allows users to send out survey invitations.


  • Can access Connect: Allows a user to access the Connect page.


  • Can filter dashboard: This option allows users to filter dashboard's results.
  • Can see individual responses: This option allows users to see individual responses.
  • Can create and edit data access policies: If this box is ticked then a user will be able to create and edit data access policies from this page.
  • Can view comments: Allow a user to view comments left by your respondents to your survey questions.

Journey Type Access

By default every user has access to all surveys. You can choose to limit access for certain roles or users per journey type.


Firefight emails

Here you can control if a user should receive an email notification when a client gives low NPS-score to your company. Please see our firefight email article to learn more.


Candidate Experience Digest

Here you can choose if a user should receive a monthly update with company data about journey types and other information


Delete colleague

The last section is where you can delete your colleague's user profile.

By clicking on the orange button you'll be asked to confirm your choice by typing in the colleague's email address.

Please note:

  • This action can not be undone. If the user will need to use Starred in the future, you'll need to re-invite them.
  • Deleting a colleague does not delete any surveys or responses connected to the user
  • When you delete a colleague, if the user was receiving scheduled reports with dashboard insights and results, you will need to manually also delete the scheduled report, otherwise the user will keep receiving the insights in their inbox. Check out our dedicated article on scheduled reports to learn more about this feature.

What’s Next

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