Company settings

To access your company settings, click on your company name at the top left of the page under the Starred logo and, from the options that pop up, select Company Settings.

Under 'Company settings' you can perform actions related not to your personal profile but to the company profile.

These actions include:

  • changing company details such as the name, the logo and the address
  • managing user profiles, adding new colleagues, determining user access rights
  • creating and managing Data Access Policies, which are rules that help you choose what data users are allowed to see in the dashboard

..and more!

Please note that to be able to do most of these actions your user profile needs to be granted the specific access rights for each of the actions.

If you try to view a section of Starred that you're not allowed to view you'll be informed with a pop-up notification.

To learn more about access rights, you can skip to the related article.