How to save filters

Save time by creating filter sets to analyze your data

If you’re often using the same filters, Starred allows you to save them so you do not have to select them each time.

Please note: this feature is only available for users with the access rights “Can filter dashboards”. To grant a user this access right, head over to the Colleagues section of your Starred account.

How to create saved filters

To create a new filter set, follow the steps shown in this video.

Please note: saved filters are only available for your specific user profile so you'll be the only one seeing your specific filter sets.

Google Drive

You can have multiple saved filter. To add a second one, you need to first delete the filters that you have applied and start from scratch, then save it regularly like you did the first time. Take a look at this video:

Google Drive

Updating a saved filter

Once you have created a filter, you can still make changes to it later on, such as changing a name or adding an extra layer to it by adding another filter to the set.

Google Drive

Deleting a saved filter

Google Drive

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