What is Starred's Monthly Digest?

Learn more about what is included in the monthly digest

Starred's Monthly Digest is a personalized newsletter that includes the following:

  • Surveys sent: here you can find the number of survey invitations sent (in the last month)
  • Response rate: the percentage of respondents that responded to your survey invitation (in the last month)
  • Comments: The total number of comments received (in the last month)

The percentages below each value, (with a green or red arrow), show if this value has increased or decreased in comparison to last month.

Starred Benchmark: This shows your total NPS by journey type over the last 3 months to help you understand the NPS development over recent months.

Top 3 Priorities: This shows you which aspects in your lowest scoring survey have the highest potential for improvement.

To determine the top 3 priorities, we looked at the lowest scoring survey for the last 3 months. In case there is more than 1 survey within the same journey type, we will show the top 3 priorities of the lowest scoring survey (based on your results over the last 3 months). Please note: to determine your priorities, you need a minimum of 20 responses. If you click on ’View Priority Matrix' at the bottom of the email, you will be redirected to your Priority Matrix in Starred, where you can find additional information.

Now that you've learned more about our monthly digest, all you have to do is work through the data to figure out how to improve your scores for next month!

When will I receive my Monthly Digest?

The email will be sent at 8AM (CET) of the 2nd of each month if it is a weekday (Mon-Fri), otherwise, it will be sent on the following Monday at 8AM (CET). You can use the insights from this email for internal reporting, decision making, and to set your goals for the next month(s).

Note: If you no longer wish to receive the monthly digest you can unsubscribe by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' button at the bottom of the survey.

How can I receive the Monthly Digest?

You can toggle this for each user in their access rights in the section 'Candidate Experience Digest'. By default, all admins have this toggle turned on. If you want other users to receive it, then a company Admin should toggle this for each user.