SmartRecruiters Workflow Testing

How to test your SmartRecruiters workflows

Now that you've added all steps to your workflow, it's time to starting testing it out!
Below you'll find instructions on how to test your SmartRecruiters workflow.

Workflow Testing

  1. Create a Test application in SmartRecruiters and use your own email address as the candidate’s email address.
  2. Add a secondary condition in the workflow trigger (Step 1) with the name or email address of the Test applicant created in the previous step. Once you enable your workflow, the workflow will only trigger for this specific candidate name or email address.

See the workflow example below:

  1. Click on 'Update trigger' and then 'Save workflow'
  2. Ensure that your cooling down period is switched off (in case you'd like to test more than 1 workflow)
  3. Enable the workflow in the upper right corner
  1. Depending on the workflow you want to test, you can now reject or hire the Test applicant in your SmartRecruiters environment
    Note: Make sure the Test applicant meets all the filter conditions in your workflow!
    Note: For security purposes, a candidate can only trigger the same workflow once. If you'd like to test out the same workflow multiple times, please ensure to create a new test candidate in SmartRecruiters.

  2. Navigate to Logs to check if the workflow has been triggered successfully. When there is no log available the workflow hasn't been triggered. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or use the chat for extra support.

What’s Next

How to read workflow logs?