Best practices for your Thank You page

Starred offers several options for "Thank You" pages, which are the final pages that your candidates are directed to when submitting a survey.

If you haven't yet set up your "Thank You" page, you can follow our dedicated article here. However, make sure to come back here to learn what we consider to be best practices in terms of which option to choose and why.

Set up different Thank You pages for all your surveys

"Thank You" pages can be determined either at company level, or for specific survey.

Overall, we recommend setting up specific "Thank You" pages for all your different surveys and here's why: rejected, hired and withdrawn candidates are coming out of your recruitment process with much different outcomes.

Even if they were all promoters of your company, meaning they would all give you a high NPS, most of your candidates are still being rejected, some have withdrawn and only a few are hired.

Considering how different their experiences and outcomes were during the recruitment process, we recommend offering each of them something different.

Redirect your hired candidates to Glassdoor or any other review website

This pool of candidates probably had a very good experience at your company and therefore would leave you a good review that can help you attract even greater talent.

To redirect your candidates to Glassdoor, from the options available for your "Thank You" page at survey level select "Create Thank You page for this survey":

You can now customize it per NPS score and also have a different one for each of the languages you've translated your survey into.

It's really up to you if you want to add a button to redirect your detractors and passives to Glassdoor (there aren't many probably, but we would advise against it as they are still not very happy), but we really do recommend adding a custom button to the "Thank You" page for your promoters.

This way, they can click through and tell their experience on Glassdoor for other job searchers to read.

Redirect your rejected candidates to the Candidate Academy

This pool of candidates usually consists of a mix of detractors, passives and promoters. What they all have in common, though, contrary to your hired candidates, is that they all have just gone through a recruitment process, doesn't matter how good or bad, and came out of it with empty hands.

Therefore, we really do recommend choosing your fourth option for a "Thank You" page on survey level, which is to redirect them to sign up to the Candidate Academy.

Choosing to do so is an easy and effective way to show your candidates that you care and that, although they were not a good fit for your company, you really wish them success in finding a different job.

It's way to give back to them that doesn't cost you anything but can really help them leave your survey page with a different feeling.

To learn more over the Candidate Academy, you can have a look at our website here.

Redirect your applicants to the Candidate Academy

If you're measuring your applicants' motivation via our Applicant Research survey, then you're sending out surveys to candidates that have just applied for a position at your company and that have not been rejected or hired yet but are still very new to the recruitment process.

This is again another great occasion to choose option 4 for your "Thank You" page on survey level, which is to redirect them to sign up to the Candidate Academy.

Why? The Applicant Research survey is really the only situation where we are sending out surveys to active candidates that are still in the pipeline, as they have just applied. In this sense, redirecting them to the Academy is the perfect way to make sure that your new applicants are very well prepared and can feel confident going through the recruitment process as they will be able to use the Academy to train for the interviews to come thanks to job-specific questions and exclusive material from recruitment experts.

This will not just be great for your candidates, but also for you, as it will allow you to get more out of the same candidate pool and talk to more confident and more prepared candidates.

Let your "happy" withdrawn candidates leave you a review

Often, withdrawn candidates are no longer on the hunt for a job as they might have accepted a different offer. Therefore, we recommend asking your withdrawn candidates for a "little favor" in leaving you a good review on Glassdoor.

However, we only recommend showing the Glassdoor button to your promoters, and not to the detractors and passives in this candidate group!

To do that, you would once again choose option 2, which is to create a "Thank You" page for this survey.

Then, you can choose to display different messages to your detractors, passives and promoters by customizing each and every section like you did with the hired candidates survey.

However, in this case make sure to click on "Add custom button" only for your promoters, as they still had a good experience to tell.

For the other two, make sure you come up with a nice message where you apologize for a "meh" experience. We have a few templates here.

Create a custom "Thank You" page for your internal surveys

Any internal survey, such as your hiring manager or internal partnership survey, should also have a different "Thank You" page!

Make sure to choose the option to create a custom "Thank You" page for the survey you're editing:

And then feel free to take inspiration from our templates to write an effective and wonderful message for your colleagues!