Employee Engagement: templates for invitation emails

Templates for invitation texts to your employees

In this guide, you'll find templates you can use as inspiration for your invitation emails to send to your employees.

Employee Engagement

Example 1.
Subject: Employee Engagement survey
Invitation text:

Dear [first name],

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this employee engagement survey where your feedback is anonymous. After the first question, the survey consists of 5 different themes with 4 or 5 questions each. Please be completely truthful and explain your answers as much as possible in the comments, as it will help us understand how you feel and what we can do better. Please fill out the survey before [date].

The survey is also available in different languages. You can change the language settings in the right upper corner of the survey.

We would like to start off by asking:
[NPS Question]

Thank you for your time and feedback!

Example 2.
Subject: [company] Employee Engagement survey
Invitation text:

Dear colleague,

You are invited to [company]'s Employee Engagement Survey. Your input is very important to us so we can be the best employer you and your colleagues can wish for. Your feedback is anonymous and for internal use only. We know you are busy, so we promise it won’t take long.
Let’s get to it!

[NPS Question]

Thank you for taking the time! We truly appreciate your feedback.

Example 3.
Subject: Employee survey
Invitation text:

Dear [first name],

[company]'s extremely proud to be working with a talented team and you in particular. You are making the difference for us both in impact and as a part of the way we work together. That's why we ask you to fill out this Employee Engagement Survey. We welcome your scores and suggestions for improvement on different topics.

Your input is anonymous and we will treat it confidentially. Please fill in the survey by the end of [date].

Let’s get to it! 💪
[NPS Question]

Thanks a lot for all your input and taking the time. We will follow up with sharing the results and identifying required actions.

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