Generating invitation links

Create links that you can share on Social Media or via email

Another option to send your survey out to respondents is to generate links.

Your contact won't receive an invitation via Starred, but you can use the link in your own email(system) in a chat or a Social Media message.

To be able to generate links, you can follow these steps:

  • From your Survey Overview, click on the dropdown menu next to the survey
  • Click on Generate links

You'll be redirect to a page where you can choose between the three options:


Let's go through them one by one!

Option 1: Personal links (optionally with properties)

In this case, you know the (name and) email of your contact and you can assign extra properties to your respondents.

This is the most similar way to inviting manually by using a .csv file, and you'll also need a .csv file with all properties. However, instead of an invitation email to your contact, what you'll get is a link that is specific to the contact and that you can share with them as you'd like.

Personal links can only be used once.

  • First, fill out the email address where the enriched CSV file is sent at 'E-mail address'.
  • Then, upload a .csv file with the characteristics of your contacts. Please note! The first 3 columns in a .csv file for personal links should always contain the first name (column A), last name (column B) and email address (column C) of the contact. Below, you find an example of the correct .csv file. You can add as many properties/characteristics in the following columns as you like.
  • When finished, upload the .csv file. The file will then be enriched with a unique link per row and the file is emailed to the email address.

Option 2: Anonymous links (with properties)

Also with this type of link you'll need a .csv file, that you will have filled in with all the properties that you want to assign to the responses.

  • First, enter the email address to where the enriched .csv file is sent at ‘E-mail address’.
  • Then, upload the .csv file with the properties (characteristics) of your contacts. - Fill these attributes/ keywords as column titles.
  • Upload the .csv file. This file will then be enriched with a unique link per row and the file is emailed to the email address.

Option 3: Anonymous links (without properties)

This is the most anonymous and generic type of link. No properties are assigned to your responses and the responses are also anonymous.

  • Select the right sender in the column ‘Generate links without properties’. All your colleague users on Starred are possible senders.
  • Then, specify the number of anonymous links you want to generate. These links appear in a pop-up screen and you can copy and use them.