Looking at workflow history

Starred provides logs so you can see what happens with your workflows. In Logs you can find the time the workflow was triggered, the name of the workflow and whether all the actions were performed successfully or not.

How to look at workflow logs?

  1. Have at least one workflow that is enabled
  2. Go to the workflow overview page
  3. Click the Logs button: here, you'll find all workflows that have been triggered. For each log, you will see a date and time, the name of the workflow and a status.
  4. You can use filters to narrow down your logs:
    a. Click on Workflow in the upper left corner to filter out specific workflows.
    b. From the Timeframe dropdown you can select the timeframe you want to look at.
    c. From the Status dropdown, you can filter by log status (Success, Stopped, Failed or All).

Note: By default, the logs in Starred are available for 180 days. When a data retention period is activated in the account the logs will be removed after this set period of time.

How to read workflow statuses?

Once a workflow has been triggered, the logs will show one of the statuses below:

  • Success: Workflow has been triggered successfully, all steps have been completed and the invitation is sent/scheduled. You'll find the invitation in '[See all invitations]

  • Stopped: Workflow has been triggered but one of the conditions in your workflow is not met.

  • Failure: The steps in your workflow cannot be completed properly. There is something wrong with your workflow setup. By clicking the dropdown behind the failed step (Action: Starred as destination - Schedule Invitation) you can find out what the reason for the failure is.