Can I edit existing surveys?

Are you wondering if you could edit existing surveys? The answer is yes!

Be careful because when are editing an active survey, which has already received responses. There are 2 options when making edits to your survey:

  1. overwriting an existing question
  2. deleting a question

Please note: when you are editing a question that has received responses already, all historic data/previously received answers will now be linked to the new question.
This is no issue when you would like to make spelling corrections or minor edits but in case you would like to overwrite many questions, it might be a better option to create a copy of the survey, make the desired edits, and then go forward with your new survey.

To edit an existing survey, please follow the below steps:

  1. From the survey overview, select ’Edit’ from the pull-down menu for the survey you would like to edit
  1. Click on the question block(s) which you would like to edit
  2. Make your edits
  3. When you have finished editing, remember to click on ‘Save Changes’.

Note: Deleting a question will also delete all of the answers already recorded for that question. This action is IRREVERSIBLE!