How to export data

Learn how you can export survey results from Starred

Starred export functionality allows you to download data from several parts of your dashboard, from your main overview to the Comparison tab, the Question drill down dashboard, the comments or question boxes and so on.

To learn how to export data, watch this video or scroll down for written instructions:

You're able to download data from Starred whenever you find the three vertical dots with the option to Download.


In this article we'll go over the following topics:

  • downloading dashboards
  • download dashboard tiles/charts
  • downloading your individual responses

Downloading dashboards

Above the boxes containing the survey results, you will identify the three vertical dots on the right side. By clicking on them, you will open a dropdown menu with two main options:

  • Download
  • Schedule delivery

Select the first option to export your data immediately on your computer or the second option if you want to schedule a report with the results to yourself or to someone else. Check out our dedicated article to learn how to do it.

By selecting Download, you will be able to download your results immediately to your computer.

You can choose whether you wish to download your responses in .pdf or in .csv format.


When choosing PDF, you can define other settings such as the page layout and orientation.


Please note

PDF exports are not always ideal due to the nature of this file format. For instance, if there are tables in your dashboard it might be cut-off by simply choosing a PDF format.

To avoid this, you can tick the box Expand tables to show all rows:

This will ensure that the table will be downloaded in its entirety.

However, this might still not be able especially if you lots of data.

If you wish to be able to work on the file, copy/paste data and see all the comments, we recommend choosing CSV.

Downloading dashboard tiles/charts

By hovering onto the top right corner of each chart the three dots will appear.

This means that each question results can be downloaded separately. This is also valid for your comment boxes.

On the top right corner, you'll find the three vertical dots. Click on them and choose Download data:


Once again, you are able to choose your preferred format:



Please note

  • We usually recommend downloading comments in an .csv format, especially if you're planning to analyze them to gather more information from them.
  • There is a default row limit for CSV exports of 500. If you wish to download all rows, please select the ‘all results’ option in Advanced Download settings. The maximum number of response rows that can be downloaded is 5000.

Downloading individual responses

Finally, you can download a list of all responses received, including all properties attached to them, from your Responses tab:

Then, click on the three vertical dots and select Export to CSV:

You'll immediately receive an email in your inbox with your export.


Please note

  • When downloading data, you can still use filters. You'll first need to add your desired filters and then proceed with the exports as explained above. The export will only contain response data for the selected time and/or filter(s). To learn how to use filters, check out our dedicated article.
  • When downloading a CSV file, it's possible that opening it with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel will not immediately divide the text into columns. We have a full guide on how to separate the text into columns for a more readable file. Check it out here.