Greenhouse Workflow builder

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Once you have connected your Greenhouse environment to your Starred account, you can start to automate your feedback by setting up workflows in Starred Connect.

Setting up your workflow

When you start building a workflow, you can choose between creating your own workflow from scratch or using one of our pre-built workflow templates. We recommend using one of our templates and customizing the workflow to fit your own needs and preferences.
A workflow consists of 3 elements: a trigger, filter (optional) and action steps:

Trigger = The event that initiates the workflow execution
Filter = Include or exclude specific fields to ensure actions perform only on the records you want
Action in Greenhouse = Retrieve data from Greenhouse records
Action in Starred = Send/Schedule invitation

To help you create a workflow, we've broken down the process in a series of tutorials. Please click on one of the tutorials below to learn everything about setting up your Greenhouse workflows:

:one:. Choose a trigger
:two:. Setting up workflow filters
:three:. Add Greenhouse 'Get actions'
:four:. Send or schedule your invitations

:star: Tips & Tricks

  • Filter and action steps can only be added by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol at the end of the current workflow. It is not possible to drag and drop (filter/action) steps in the middle of a workflow.
  • You always need to update the trigger/filter/action and click 'Save workflow' for your adjustments to be properly saved.

What’s Next

How to choose a trigger for your workflow?