Customizing your invitation email

When opening the invitation composer, a default example template is shown, which you are free to use or edit to your liking. If you choose to edit the template, remember to save it so you can use it again.

To save your template, click on the floppy disk icon at the top of the page. Any time you make changes to the template that you wish to save you have to remember to click on the floppy disk icon.

If you rather save it as a new template and leave the Example untouched, click on Save as new template on top. A window will pop up where you can give your template a name and select the language of the template.


Whether you choose to edit an existing template or create a new one, the most important part is the content!

We have written a comprehensive article packed with tips and tricks and best practices to write the most effective invitation text. Check it out here.

Embedding a survey question in your invitation email

It's also possible to add one of your survey questions to your invitation. You can select the question you'd like to embed from the drop down menu right underneath your text:


Note: We recommend adding the NPS question to the invitation. Clicking on an NPS score in the invitation will redirect your respondent to the rest of the survey. The benefit of adding a question to your invitation is that when your respondent only answers this NPS question, Starred already captures the NPS score for you! For more information on NPS auto-capture have a look at this article.

If you decide not to add one of your survey questions to your invitation, you can select the Default 'Give feedback' button.


It's also possible to edit the Give feedback text within this button to further customize your invitation.