Using tags in your survey questions

How to make your survey more personal to your respondent by using custom fields

Depending on the custom fields you added to your invitation file (JobTitle, Recruiter, CompanyName, etc.), you can make your surveys even more personal.

In the survey composer, you can manually add the custom fields in the header and question blocks.

Note: The custom fields will only work if you have them added to your invitation file or if you have added them as fields in your workflows through your integration. To know how to add custom fields to respondents, you can read this article

Header text

To personalize the header, you can click on it to change the default text and add custom fields.


For example, you might want to add the respondent's name. To do that, you can use %firstName in the text.


Question blocks

It’s very simple to add a custom field in your question blocks. To do it, you have to type @ followed by the exact spelling of the custom field.

In the examples below you can see how we’ve used the fields @RecruiterName and @JobName.

454 425

Click on the 'Save changes’ button when you're done editing.

Note: When you manually add the custom field, it's important to use the exact column title you also used in the contact list. The custom fields are also sensitive to capital letters, and won't be linked when used inconsistently.
So if your custom field for the job title is JobName or JobTitle, make sure to use the exact words and capitalization.

If you are using Starred Connect

If you’re using Starred Connect, you will not have an invitation file for your respondents. Instead, Starred will retrieve the information directly from your Applicant Tracking System. To learn more about Starred Connect, you can read this article.

Note: It's important to use the exact same notation of custom fields as used in the workflow builder. The custom fields are sensitive to capital letters, and won't be linked when used inconsistently!

You can find the notation of custom fields in the Action (Send or Schedule invitation) step in the workflow. At Custom fields you'll see the exact wording in the left column, which you can use to customize your survey questions.


Learn More

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