Setting up user roles

Assign permissions based on user roles

From the All roles section of the Colleagues page of your Starred account, users can be assigned a role that manages their permission set. The following roles are included:

  • Recruiter
  • Sourcer
  • Team lead
  • Recruitment Operations Manager
  • Recruitment Coordination Manager
  • Recruitment Marketeer
  • Leadership
  • Admin

To link a colleague to a specific role, navigate through the Access Rights section in the Colleagues page of your Starred account and select the role you want to assign to a colleague.


By clicking on 'Edit', next to the role name you will be redirected to a page where you can assign and edit access rights for this specific role. For more information on what each access right entails please refer to this support page.


From the Data access section you can create data access policies for users with this role that match this expression. These policies will be automatically managed when users are added or removed from this role.



You want to limit a recruiter to only seeing responses related to their candidates.
After ticking the box "Limit data access for this role" select on the left-hand side the field "RecruiterEmail". This field is retrieved from the workflow step "Action : Starred as destination - Send Invitation" in your integration.


Select "User email" from the right-hand side menu.


In this way, you are able to create a rule that when the recruiter email address (i.e. "RecruiterEmail") matches the email of the recruiter used to log in to Starred (i.e. "email"), then a Data Access Policy will be created.