Survey menu

In the Survey overview, next to the survey name and details, you'll find the pull-down menu with additional survey options.


From this menu, you are able to perform a few actions, that we'll touch on shortly in this article.

View dashboard

If you click on 'See dashboard', you'll redirected to the dashboard related to that survey. If you want to learn more about the Starred dashboard, you can navigate to this section of the Support guide.

Invite new respondents

You can also do it by clicking on 'Invite' next to the drop down menu or on 'Distribute' from the menu at the top of the screen. This will lead to our invitation page where you can manually add your contacts or upload a .csv file. We'll touch on this subject later on, but if you rather learn about it immediately, you can jump to the Invites section of the Support guide.

Generate links

This is another way to invite your respondents. You can learn more about it in the dedicated article.

Preview your survey

The preview shows you what your survey looks like when respondents open your survey.

See all invitations

Do you want to see the details of an invitation after a feedback survey has been sent out? You can view all details by looking at the invitation overview in Starred. In this invitation overview, you'll see the details, the invitation text, the bounces and the list of respondents.

Edit the survey

Clicking on 'Edit' allows you to edit the survey.

Note: Changing an existing survey will directly affect your dashboard.


Copy the survey

You can duplicate a survey by selecting 'Copy' behind a feedback survey. After copying your survey, it can be found in your Survey overview with the original title and the word [Copy] behind it.


Archive the survey

By archiving a survey you'll remove the survey from your Survey overview but your data will remain intact. The survey will be placed in your archive!
This archive can be found at Archive in the survey overview. By clicking on this you will see the archive overview.

Note: archiving a survey won't delete it permanently. To permanently delete the survey, you have to go to your Archive. After that, you'll have to look for the right survey and choose whether you want to restore this or delete it permanently.

Share the survey

You can share your survey template with users in other Starred accounts. This option is only available for our premium users.

Note: Sharing a survey template will not show any data or feedback results related to this survey.

Once you've added the email address(es) of the recipients, you can choose between two sharing options:

  • Copy When selecting this option, your survey template will be added to the recipient's account upon accepting the incoming survey. The recipient can edit your survey in any way once it's added to their account.
  • Link When selecting this option, your survey template will be added to the recipient's account upon accepting the incoming survey but the recipient cannot edit the survey.

Once you've selected either the Copy or Link option, you can monitor whether the survey template has been accepted.

The recipient will receive an email notification that you've shared a survey template.


From this email, they can click on 'View More', which redirects them to their Starred account where they can view the template.

From the viewing mode, they can click on 'Add to my account' in the bottom right-hand corner.

See all responses

Clicking on it will also lead you to the Starred dashboard for that survey, but it will take you directly to the 'Responses' tab.

Note: Employee Engagement customers are not allowed to see responses to the surveys.

Reset the survey

By resetting your survey you can delete all (test) responses and invitations for a specific survey.

Note: This is a hard reset, meaning all data associated with the survey will be deleted and cannot be restored.