What is Starred Connect?

Starred allows you to connect your application or Applicant Tracking System to automate survey invitations based on criteria you choose. To do that, you have to create what we call a “workflow”.

A workflow is a set of conditions, filters and actions that will trigger surveys to collect feedback automatically.

You can include filters. choose to send the survey immediately after the workflow is successfully triggered or schedule it for later, you can choose the sender of the survey and much more.

The way you set up your workflow might vary depending on the Applicant Tracking System or application that you use, that’s why we also have specific step-by-step guides for our integrations that you’ll find linked at the bottom of this article, however, the concept behind the workflows is the same: the goal is to create an automation that will pull data from your application and, based on conditions and filters, will trigger a survey to be sent out without having to do any manual work.

To learn more about how we can integrate with your ATS, you can watch this video: