Using consultant's email as sender

It is possible to use the consultant’s email as the sender email in your workflow. For this, you will have to map email in Starred Send/Schedule Survey Action to Recruiter email.

To achieve this first you need to add a step that will retrieve consultant’s information (such as email) then refer to it in the Starred Send/Schedule Survey Action, sender settings.


In this example, we will build a workflow that will:

  1. Execute when a placement is approved;
  2. Send a Starred survey to the candidate
  3. Use consultant’s email as sender email

Step 1: Trigger
Set up a for when a Placement is approved in Bullhorn.

Step 2: Get Candidate
Add a step to retrieve the Candidate’s information.

Step 3: Get Recruiter
Note: In Starred Connect, a consultant is referred to as a Recruiter.
Follow the instructions below to add & configure a step that retrieves recruiter’s information (such as email that will be used in the final step).

  1. Add a Step to workflow
  2. Choose ‘Action’ and then ‘Bullhorn’
  3. In the Action configuration screen, choose “Get Recruiter” from the list of Actions.
  4. Select ‘id’ in Search by field (as shown in the image below)
  5. Choose ‘’ as the value for Value field. (as shown in the image below)

Please note that ‘’ is a field that is present in both the Candidate and Placements object in this example. It is up to you to define which (Consultant Id) you want to refer to. Some organizations have dedicated consultants for candidates, others have dedicated consultants for placements. Refer to the in Candidate or Placement object based on your manual process.

Step 4: Configure Send Starred Survey Step
Fill in the fields for Starred action as per your requirements and follow the instructions below for the Sender Settings to use consultant’s email as the sender.

Sender Settings

  1. In Sender Settings, choose the ‘Map to one of the previous workflow steps’ option.
  2. From the dropdown list, choose the right email field listed under ‘ACTION: BULLHORN AS DESTINATION - GET RECRUITER’ section. (as shown in the image below)

Please note that in this example we are using the ‘email’ field from Recruiter object which holds the email of the consultant. It is because in Starred Developer Bullhorn account this field holds the value for recruiter’s email. Please choose the correct email field for according to your Bullhorn account’s configuration. (Please contact your Bullhorn admin to find out your Bullhorn account's configurations)