Archiving or deleting surveys

Remove a survey out of the overview but save the data


To archive a survey:

  • Look for the correct survey in your Survey Overview
  • Click on the pull-down menu on the right of this survey
  • Select 'Archive'

The survey will be placed in your archive!

This archive can be found at Archive in the survey overview. By clicking on this you will see the archive overview.

Deleting permanently / restoring a survey

To delete a certain survey permanently, you have to follow the first steps explained for archiving. Then, to permanently delete the survey, you have to go to your Archive:


After that, you'll have to look for the right survey and choose whether you want to restore this or delete it permanently.

Please note: if you do not see this option, it means you do not have the rights in Starred to perform this action. Reach out to one of your admins to be granted the right "Can create and edit surveys".