Composing your invitation text

Learn how to customize your invite text and save it as a template

To add an invitation text to your survey, navigate to the survey you'd like to add the invitation text to. From the dropdown menu on the right, select 'Invite new respondents'. Then click on Compose message

By default, our a generic 'Example' template is shown, which you are free to use or you can create your own personal invitation template by directly editing the default invitation template. When you are done editing, click on the blue text: 'Save as new template'in the top left corner. You are then redirected to a new window where you can give your template a name and select the language.

It's also possible to add one of your survey questions to your invitation. For example, you can add your NPS question.

Click on the NPS score will redirect your respondent to your survey. The benefit of adding a question to your invitation is that when your respondent only answers this question, this will still count towards your results (even when no others questions in your survey are answered.)

If you decide not to add one of your survey questions to your invitation, you can select the default 'Give feedback' button. It's possible to edit the 'Give feedback' text within this button to further customize your invitation.

Selecting a sender

From the dropdown menu below the title of your invitation template, you can select a sender. You can only select senders that are users in Starred. Please note: The sender's name is automatically added to the bottom of your invitation text. Select 'Preview' in the bottom right corner to preview what your invitation will look like to your recipients. I

Email templates

Curious to learn more about creating invitations and saving them as templates? Please see below video with instructions on how to create and/or change a template:

Create template:

Change template:

More information about the advanced settings in the invitation page (adding a question in the text, scheduling batches and (de)activate a reminder) can be found by clicking here.

Editing your header text

As your respondents fill out your survey, there's a header text shown at the top. To personalize the header, you can click on it to change the text and by adding custom invitation tags. To edit the header, navigate to a survey from your survey overview and select 'edit' from the dropdown menu on the right. The header shown on top is directly editable when you click on it. Click on the 'Save' button when you're done editing.

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Composing your invitation text

Learn how to customize your invite text and save it as a template

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